Prosperium initial coin offering details

At 12.01AM on September 15th, 2017, Prosperium will unveil its plan to address the global problem of economic underperformance at the individual community level, in countries around the world.  Prosperium will create accelerators to mint its currency, the ‘Prosperium Prosper’.

Prosperium will initially offer for sale 21 million Prosper tokens from its home base in Toronto, Canada.   It’s goal is to raise $116 million to launch an economic accelerator  (“Ecohub”) program  in the Greater Toronto Area in the first quarter of 2018.

The Prosper will be the transactional currency of this first accelerator and all subsequent launches in Canada.  All of its transactions will be recorded on Prosperium’s proprietary blockchain.

The Canadian launch will be followed by a series of national token offerings during 2017 and 2018, the second of which will be in the Peoples Republic of China (the ‘Prosperity Element Booster’), and the third in the United Kingdom (yet to be named).

Importantly, the proceeds from these offerings will remain in the countries of the purchasers’ preference, to build multi-cryptocurrency reserves for community accelerator launches.

The Prosper will be converted to the world’s first fixed value cryptocurrency, once the  token has attained its target value of CAD$100, and/or the equivalent in the other national fiat currencies.  Don’t miss the launch, when we will publish the Prosperium Whitepaper and announce the opening price.

To participate in the presale of 3.5 million Prosper Tokens., please click here.

Presale vs stable token value

The Presale Prosperity Token floats with market value until and when a market price of $100 is reached.

At that point, the Presale Token converts to a Stable Value Prosperity Token stabilized by smart contracts at the $100 value. 

Both presale and stable items are smart tokens, because they have properties and programmability features that extend beyond those of a simple coin.