Enhanced Technologies

For the past 20 years the principals of Prosperium Global Solutions have been scouring the planet to find the most amazing technologies to integrate into our paradigm-shifting 12-month-a-year growing systems.  These include (see below): 

  • a proprietary "structured water" system, which generates an energetic crystalline molecular structure, from the most amorphous "dead" city water, and infuses it with the most important mineral frequencies found in nature.

  • An incredible biologically enhanced soil/compost/compost tea seasoned for 9 months without turning, maintaining the biological intensity while avoiding the usual thermophilic "sterilization" resulting from constant turning.

  • Biochar infused packaging.  Our patented "chardboard" (zero plastic) boxes act as both an ideal preservative container for harvested produce, and a planter for root vegetables and other outdoor crops.

Hands in the Soil

Structured Water Technology​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions structured water system recreates the crystalline structure of water in nature, infusing it with energy through centripetal vortices and mineral frequencies emulating the journey of rainwater from its mountain source to the high-energy, abundant springs and rivers at their base.

  • Our structured water delivers 50-100% more nutrient density absorption to growing plants. This is far superior to traditional irrigation systems.

  • The high molecular surface area of the structured water attracts and holds the nutrients in the soil, and is then drawn up to the leaves and fruit by a combination of root pressure and capillary action, delivering intense nutrient concentrations to its destination.

  • This technology also produces 25%-50% higher yields in product weight than a traditional greenhouse.



Soil Technology​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions has integrated an open source process for manufacturing biologically intense soil, and compost teas, which works together with our structured water to deliver the maximum nutrient content a plant can naturally absorb. By utilizing this soil you will produce significantly larger, more nutrient dense produce for personal consumption and sale.

Solar Tower Technology

The Prosperium Global Solutions SVS Solar Tower brings 100% renewable energy onsite, on a footprint only 10% of that required by a standard flat panel array. Situated adjacent to the growing facility, it provides any energy needed to run the system  - cooling, lighting, heating, misting, robotics etc. 

Solar TowerUntitled.png

Biochar Infused Packaging​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions has a copyrighted process for the use of biochar (elemental high surface area carbon for attracting, holding and transforming contaminants to useful minerals) in packaging, to preserve freshness by absorbing the ripening agent ethylene, which is given off by harvested fruits and vegetables, and removing contaminants from the surrounding environment.

This packaging will then take on a second life as planters for root vegetables, tomatoes and flowers. Recycled grow bags will then provide the “bed” for the planters which will become a form of “terra preta” (fertile black soil) for use in schools, hospitals and local community farms.

Sustainability Matters