Greenhouse Technology

Single Slope Passive Greenhouse (SSPG)


Prosperium Global Solutions provides an innovative all-season growing technology that combines structure, function, application and ecological benefits into a fully integrated system. Our single slope greenhouse has been designed to maximize the number of crops per year (all year round) while minimizing the overall operational cost and increasing profit for commercial growers


We have innovated further to dramatically improve ease and speed of construction,  incorporating the high insulating qualities of insulating blankets, advancements in European double-walled Greenhouse membrane technology. and a patent applied for a novel method of adding supplemental CO2 from mushroom production which turbocharges plant growth and adds an income stream.


Our Technologies

Insulated Wall Technology​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions insulated wall technology provides many key advantages in optimizing growing conditions. Our integrated system maintains an optimal growing climate by the use of the insulated wall technology in combination with the other elements listed here. Unlike with other greenhouse systems, the insulated wall technology protects the North, West and East walls of the structure, minimizing the heating and cooling effect typically associated with traditional "big box" structures.


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Mushroom Production(CO2/O2 Ex)

Prosperium Global Solutions can optionally build in a unique patented feature that allows you to create your own CO2/O2 exchange, through our gourmet mushroom house production facility (Shitake and Oyster mushrooms).  Our mushroom logs produce the CO2 required by the plants in the solar chamber, up to 1,200 ppm, optimal for most fruits, vegetables and flowers. This avoids the traditional need for CO2 to be added to the greenhouse environment.


SolaWrap Technology​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions solar wrap technology insulates our greenhouses with a tough, flexible, highly translucent, light-dispersing, R1.7-value "shield". SolaWrap's extreme heat and cold resistance dramatically reduce utility costs, maintaining interior heating and cooling without the UV degradation that is typical of polyurethane and polycarbonate covers. Installation is fast and simple, and the product comes with a 20 year warranty against natural degradation.


Geothermal Technology​​​

Prosperium Global Solutions provides geothermal ("heat pump"-type) system technology that takes advantage of the even subterranean temperatures to level temperatures in the grow chambers, through all the seasons. Through this system we achieve (in larger units) evenly distributed air flow throughout the greenhouse making it significantly more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.


Motorized Reflective Solar Blanket

Prosperium Global Solutions has a custom approach for s shlelding its passive solar greenhouse grow chamber from temperature extremes. Our programmable operating system controls/automates a roll-down/roll-up reflective insulating cover that contributes significantly to climate levelling.


Sustainability Matters