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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help make communities more sustainable by bringing all-season local food supply technologies to the market and networking effectively with distributors of local food to maximize the food security of cities.

Who We Are

Prosperium Global Solutions is focused on a new passive solar single slope greenhouse design, delivering these units and supporting technologies to meet the local supply needs of urban populations. By utilizing this urban farming technology our customers are are able to produce safe, high yield, high nutrition crops 12 months a year for delivery to local neighbourhoods.

Technology Features

PGSC has added several key proprietary features to a passive single slope greenhouse that has grown in popularity in Asia over the past 30 years.:
 - Custom geothermal climate management system (non-hydronic)
 - CO2
-O2 exchange between mushrooms and vegetables
 - Structured water/LED ozonation system that delivers highly oxygenated crystalline water to the photosynthesizing plants

Design Features

The Prosperium passive solar, single slope greenhouse is designed to maintain an ideal growing environment through both the day-night cycle and the changing seasons.  This is achieved by maximizing exposure to light through high diffusion insulated SolaWrap(tm)
, minimizing exposure to extremes of temperature through smart insulation systems and geothermal climate-leveling, and incorporating a CO2 exchange system to optimize growing systems in an environmentally friendly way.

A key feature in the design is the modularity, because of its elongated structure, with 6' support sections the "single slope" design can be installed in any multiple of 6' beginning at 18'. Prosperium's greenhouses can be built on an area from 500 to 21,500 ft2, and can produce up to 250 tonnes of vegetables, greens and gourmet mushrooms annually.

Global Presence - Local Focus

Prosperium's goal is to be a global leader in providing sustainable growing technologies to large enterprise, mid-size markets, local farmers and communities. Our focus is to bring food security, and healthy, nutritious food to people at all levels of city life, including those less fortunate.

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Our principal goal is to is to partner effectively with strategically-aligned,  participants in our key market ecosystems, to achieve extraordinary results in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) vertical markets, for the benefit of our customers and local suppliers.


We will achieve our principal goal by providing energy efficient, 4-season growing systems, growing media, and equipment to our business clients; and by packaging our products in biochar-based containers, to maintain freshness, and to provide home and school  planting boxes for root vegetables year round. 


We will generate strong profits to support the growth of this business model, by enabling the efficient and cost-effective use of innovative technology to meet the nutritional, employment, and food security needs of communities everywhere.

Sustainability Matters