4 Season Passive Solar Greenhouse

These innovative greenhouses are based on the hugely successful 'solar' greenhouses which number in the hundreds of thousands across Northern Asia. We have innovated further to dramatically improve ease and speed of construction,  incorporating the high insulating qualities of insulating blankets, advancements in European double-walled Greenhouse membrane technology. and a patent applied for a novel method of adding supplemental CO2 from mushroom production which turbocharges plant growth and adds an income stream.

Mushroom Grow Houses & Logs...

Growing oyster, shiitake and other high-value mushrooms locally can be a powerful profit generator for the small farm; potentially exceeding the income from vegetable production. Modular climate-controlled mushroom houses maintain the critical mushroom growth parameters for maximum yields and can be built in a few day's time.  Mushroom bags with selectively bred oyster mushroom varieties begin producing in 10+ days and have complete cropping in 30-60 days.  User-friendly, low capital costs, no specialist skills needed. 

A key function of these CO2 producing mycelium produce is to exchange gases with the solar chamber, which produce the O2 the mushrooms need to breathe and grow.

E-Carts for inside hauling...

E-Carts team perfectly with No-Till & BEAM (Biological Enhanced Agriculture Management); saving time, drastically reducing physical effort and cutting labor costs. Newly developed wide axle models are designed for use with 30’’ standard seedbeds; wheels straddle the seedbed and track in the walkways.  Many highly useful accessories begin with tilthing / seedbed rolling / seeding/spray / top dress/flame weed etc. and end with hauling heavy harvest totes; revolutionizes market gardening.  Each cart does the work of 4-5 people.

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