Vertical Farming Technology

Vertical Farming Technology

Prosperium Global Solutions vertical farming technology provides communities with food security through it’s year-round, high quality, high nutrient content produce. Prosperium has combined an optimized set of technologies that exceeds the capabilities of earlier and other current vertical farming methods. 


Using advanced top down design and implementation processes, we are able to increase yields of high end produce by a significant factor, depending on local conditions and available resources. 


Our Differentiator

Other farms focus in on the growing techniques and maximizing yield in a specific space where land costs are at a minimum. There is little attention paid to the building, infrastructure and overall energy/produce balance.


Our approach is a fully holistic design of the farm as a system of systems which integrates the building enclosure, mechanical, electrical, building, growing systems and building management control systems. This is flexible and tailored to the building with a focus on the right product for the particular community.

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Our Growing Design

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Why We Are Better


Sustainability Matters